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Welcome to Mountain Mom's & Little Folks!
The aim of our organization is to provide support, information, and fun activities for local members and their children. The articles and opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily the opinions of Mountain Mom's & Little Folks; they are posted for the purpose of entertainment and as an informational resource.
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Message from the Board

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Mountain Moms & Little Folks website!

Mountain Moms and Little Folks is a non-profit social, educational, and charitable organization in the Auburn, California area for families with small children. We publish a monthly calendar of events for moms, kids, dads, and the entire family. We get together and form friendships, share helpful hints on child rearing, give our children the opportunity to play with other children, and offer moral support. We have fun!

We offer many activities each month. You can choose what fits your schedule and interests. If you don’t see activities on the calendar that work for you, we encourage you to host your own activities. You will find that the more things you attend, the more members you will meet, and the more fun you'll have!

There is a nominal membership fee, which covers the cost of children's and adults’ parties, insurance, and yearly donations to local charities which benefit children. We keep everything as affordable as possible – most of our activities are free.

Not sure you want to spend money to join yet? No problem! Simply contact us and we'll send you a detailed calendar of events with RSVP information and you can try events for a month. If you find events you want to attend, simply call (or email) the RSVP person to let them know you are a prospective member who is trying some events. If you get an answering machine when you call, please be sure to leave your phone number so the RSVP people can call you if the event needs to be cancelled.

Remember, since we have so many members, you may go to a few events before seeing a familiar face, so get out there and try lots of events. And don't worry if your children aren't perfectly behaved, neither are ours. Our events are geared with the temperament of a small child in mind.

All the best,

The Mountain Moms and Little Folks Board